Construction Methodology

    1、Parallel Construction of Main Modules on Land

    The parallel construction of the upper hull and lower hull on land reduces the construction period, increases efficiency and assures product quality.


    2、Launching by Semi-Submersible Barge

    The capacity of the semi-submersible barge designed and built by CIMC Raffles is 20,000 tonnes.  Modules up to 20,000 tonnes can be slided over land and on top of the barge, before they are floated by submerging the barge.



    3、Lifting and Mating by 20,000t Gantry Crane

    The lifting of deckboxes of semi-submersible platforms by 20,000t gantry crane and mating onto the lower hulls is CIMC Raffles’ signature.  This unique methodology reduces the construction period for large offshore projects by up to 6 months and enhances safety and quality.



    4、Underwater Installation of Thrusters and Outfitting Alongside Deep-water Berth

    Using the 18-metre deepwater berth, CIMC Raffles is able to install 1 thruster per day with ongoing outfitting and commissioning work.



    5、Mechanical Completion, Commissioning and Sea Trial

    CIMC Raffles is capable of managing the mechanical completion, commissioning and sea trial of entire semi-submersible drilling platforms entirely in-house.